EDRAY NOW - Visibility Platform

Real time visibility at each milestone in the import supply chain. We collect data at multiple touchpoints and then validate it to ensure your data is always the best data possible. We provide the visibility you need down to the SKU/PO level so you can see where the freight you need most is so you can act. Say goodbye to the “black hole” in your import supply chain for good!

  • A single source of truth

  • No costly integration

  • “The only good data is actionable data”

              – a smart logistician

While many promise good clean data, EDRAY delivers it

Arriving Vessel

  • Original ETA
  • Latest ETA
  • Arrival Date
  • Actual Arrival


  • Gate In
  • Empty
  • Gate Out
  • Driver Gate In/Out


  • Vessel ETA
  • Tranship Arrive
  • Tranship Depart


  • Available
  • Holds/Exams
  • Fees Due
  • Gate Out
  • Last Free Day


  • Rail ETA
  • On Rail
  • Off Rail


  • Dray Allocation
  • PU/Delivery
  • PU/Delivery
  • Accessorials
  • Chassis

Here’s what our customers are saying:

“We were thankful the EDRAY Team was able to quickly step in and provide solutions for our destination management needs. Our experience has been extremely positive with EDRAY and I would recommend them to anyone searching for solutions at the ports.”

Regional VP of Supply Chain