CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, August 29, 2022EDRAY, The Collaborative Port Logistics Platform (“CPL”) for global importers and exporters, has launched a new service, Street Turns, for U.S. exporters that leverages its visibility, volume and Destination Management services. Street Turns offers a complete and seamless container equipment experience that benefits both its existing import customer base and new export clients. 

EDRAY supports major importers with a managed service offering – Destination Management, a Drayage Marketplace, and EDRAY Now, a real-time visibility platform for containers from origin to destination, and back to the port empty. These services enable EDRAY to successfully serve the container equipment needs of U.S. exporters by tying an importers’ unloaded empty container with an exporters’ location and equipment requirements. Exporters have traditionally struggled to secure timely empties when and where they need them – EDRAY fills this void. 

Peter Friedmann, Executive Director of AgTC (Agriculture Transportation Coalition), said “Agricultural exporters must have an efficient supply of container equipment in order to deliver their products dependably throughout the world, as well as to remain competitive. Innovative services, such as EDRAY’s Street Turns, which can increase availability of containers for agriculture exporters, and do so affordably, are essential. We are optimistic that as EDRAY continues to grow its import customer base, so will the exporters’ equipment options grow.”

“We’re thrilled to expand our service offerings to U.S. exporters and in particular the agricultural segment that has been struggling for years to get the necessary container equipment they need to meet their global shipping needs. Street Turns are the optimal way to get containers to exporters,” said Reade Kidd, President of EDRAY.

In June, Reade Kidd, EDRAY’s President presented EDRAY’s CPL capabilities to AgTC Conference 2022 attendees. During his session, Supply Chain ‘Fixes’ – Getting Containers to Exporters, Reade explained EDRAY’s Street Turns service and how it would support their container equipment needs.

EDRAY’s end-to-end, Street Turns capabilities provide a reliable and effective container equipment solution for U.S. exporters resolving, not only their equipment problems but the administrative challenges these moves have posed for numerous years.

EDRAY’s Drayage Marketplace, with a national network of carriers, enables EDRAY to fully manage drayage allocation including dispatch and work orders, and drayage capacity.


EDRAY is a technology driven platform that enables collaboration between cargo owners, drayage companies, steamship lines, and ports. This collaboration improves velocity in and out of ports, increases industry capacity, and reduces unnecessary emissions

EDRAY thrives in the most difficult part of the supply chain – the final mile at the ports. Through proprietary technology, processes and most importantly – innovation, EDRAY works on your behalf with all stakeholders to keep freight moving in the most efficient way possible. With Destination Management EDRAY acts with clean, actionable data as an extension of its customers’ teams to reduce time and costs in the supply chain. With our Drayage Marketplace, EDRAY provides year-round capacity or services as a back-up when drayage providers need help. Founded by industry veterans, EDRAY understands the challenges of ports and is dedicated to creating the most innovative solutions in the marketplace such as Flow Stacks and Street Turns. 

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