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Port Volumes remain flat in February, Arrival to Available times improve across the system 

As container volumes remain flat, Arrival to Available times have improved in most ports in the month of February.  Terminals in CHS and HOU experience dramatic month-over-month improvements while LAX, MIA and SEA saw generally longer A2A times in February.  

Moving into March, EDRAY expects overall volume to remain lower comparatively to YOY March volumes and consistent minor improvements in efficiency across the system. Improved A2A times can mean better margins for shippers but can be improved even further with innovative products like flow stacks and improved street turns. Visit edray.com to learn more about our innovative solutions that can improve throughput for your company’s port operations.  

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About the data

Savvy shippers can use this port to diagnose efficiency problems and plan to optimize their shipments across the system. However, monthly data provided is meant for editorial purposes only and should only be used as additional context for planning. Lower available volumes (under 50 containers) will yield deltas with lower confidence intervals.  

EDRAY’s proprietary container data, available to all current EDRAY customers through our CPL system, provides an unprecedented look into port volumes and efficiencies at all major ports. Each month, EDRAY analyzes Arrival-to-Available (A2A) times by port based on this data.